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Jefferson Covered Bridge

Frededick MD-10-16x Catoctin Creek Burr 2 Unk Unk 1928-30
Jefferson Covered Bridge, one of a few located south and west of the city of Frederick, stood across Catoctin Creek about one and a half miles west of Jefferson on the Jefferson Pike.
An article in The News (Frederick, MD) on August 27, 1948 titled Twenty Years Ago: August 27, 1928 detailed the construction of a concrete bridge that replaced the covered bridge:
Work on constructing a new bridge to replace the old covered bridge on the Harper's Ferry Road between Jefferson and Petersville has begun. Construction of the ground abutments has been completed. It is understood that the new bridge will be ready for use by late fall.
Although the new bridge was completed in 1928 it is not sure if the covered bridge was demolished at that time or remained standing for a few years.

UPDATED: 5/13/2013, for additional information about the completion of the concrete bridge in 1928. This changes the date the bridge was lost from 1930 to a date range of 1928-30.

UPDATED: 8/14/2017, added photo.

Jefferson Covered Bridge Jefferson Covered Bridge
Photo from Covered Bridges in America by Rosalie Wells, published in 1931. Photo courtesy Mary Ann Ricker.

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