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Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 11/20/ through 11/24/2015. (See more rehabilitation update photos below.) The bridge has been lowered to the abutments and diagonal end pieces installed. All of the wooden cribs have been removed from the bridge. On 11/20 they "straightened" the roof. Barns and Bridges New England completed their part of the rehabilitation on Monday, 11/23. By mid-day 11/24 the north portal siding was installed using 1"x8" pine boards and Kinsley Construction Company was in the process of installing the south portal siding.
Jericho Rehabilitation 11-24-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 11-24-2015
Preparing for south portal siding 11-24-2015.
North portal looking north 11-24-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitation 11-24-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 11-24-2015
North portal looking south 11-24-2015.
North portal looking south 11-24-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitation 11-20-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 11-20-2015
Roof beam straightening/leveling 11-20-2015.
Wooden cribs removed 11-20-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitation 11-20-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 11-20-2015
Diagonal end pieces installed 11-20-2015.
Bridge lowered to abutments 11-20-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 11/9/2015. (See more rehabilitation update photos below.) Preparation is in process for lowering the bridge. The four end arch sections on the north end are being installed. Braces are used to secure and strenghten new sections of heavy timber and wooden dowels/trunnnels are used to fill vacated holes in timber.
Jericho Rehabilitation 11-09-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 11-09-2015
NE outer end arch section readied 11-09-2015.
Lowering end arch section 11-09-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitation 11-09-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 11-09-2015
Braces secure new timber sections 11-09-2015.
Dowels fill vacant holes 11-09-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 10/29 through 11/3/2015. (See more rehabilitation update photos below.) Rolling the bridge back over the flooring began on the afternoon of 10/29. Members of Friends of Jerusalem Mill dressed in 1800s outfits were present including General Ulysses S. Grant. Baltimore County Councilman David Marks and Delegate Kathy Szeliga were present along with Christopher Marston, HAER Architect at the National Parks Service. Everyone took turns pulling the handle to roll the bridge to the north corner of the flooring. The bridge was rolled 63 feet.
On the morning of October 30th the bridge was rolled 48 feet, approximately half way across the flooring. On the morning of October 31st it was rolled 32 bringing it 10 feet from its final resting place.
On the morning of November 3rd the bridge was rolled the remaining 10 feet. Joanne Schmitz of Baltimore rolled the bridge back over the flooring to the south edge for the last 10 feet. Next week Jericho Bridge will be lowered to the abutments.
Jericho Rehabilitation 11-03-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 11-03-2015
Bridge is in place above flooring 11-03-2015.
Joanne Schmitz does final pull 11-03-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitation 11-03-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 11-03-2015
Preparing cables for final pull 11-03-2015.
Only 10' left to pull, looking west 11-03-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitation 10-30-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 10-30-2015
Half way across, looking east 10-30-2015.
View looking north 10-30-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitation 10-29-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 10-19-2015
Celebrating rolling of the bridge 10-29-2015.
David Marks takes a turn 10-29-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitation 10-29-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 10-29-2015
General Grant takes a turn 10-29-2015.
Rolling the bridge10-29-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitation 10-29-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 10-29-2015
Relocating the rollers 10-29-2015.
Christopher Marston takes a turn 10-29-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 10/27/2015. (See more rehabilitation update photos below.) The new flooring for the bridge is complete. Timber installation at the northeast end is complete except for the inner and outer boards to the last diagonal member. Current plans are to roll the bridge back over the new flooring on October 29-31. Next week, the Burr arch end pieces will be installed and the bridge lowered to the abutments.
Jericho Rehabilitation 10-27-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 10-19-2015
NE section almost complete 10-27-2015.
Timber replaced NE section 10-19-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 10/9/2015. (See more rehabilitation update photos below.) The new flooring for the bridge is nearly complete. New timber has been installed at the northwest end of the bridge truss. All eight of the new Burr arch end sections have been cut . Timber replacement work completion is now targeted for the third week in October followed by rolling the bridge over the new flooring and placement of the eight end arch sections.
Jericho Rehabilitation 10-03-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 10-03-2015
New flooring installed 10-03-2015.
Timber replaced NW section 10-03-2015.
Utica Mills Bridge, Roddy Road Bridge and Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Updates, 9/5/2015. (See more rehabilitation update photos below.) At Jericho Bridge (first three photos below), rotted lower chord timber on the southeast side has been replaced. The photo below shows the rotted piece and to the upper left of that piece is its installed replacement. I-Beams have been primed and painted. More truss members have been cut and placed on the south end which is close to being completed. Timber replacement work is targeted to be finished by the end of October. For Utica Mills Bridge, a new cedar shingle roof has been installed and all bad timber has been replaced as well as bad side and portal boards. Fire retardant paint has been applied. The bridge has been painted and looks like a light magenta color more than barn red. Work still needs to be done on the northwest side wingwall. For Roddy Road Bridge, a fire alarm system has been installed and fire retardant paint has been applied. Look closely at the photo below. A box with the alarm system is near the portal opening and has conduits with wires leading up to the inside peak of the roof where there are smoke detectors.The old Jersey barriers along Roddy Creek Road have been replaced with wooden guard rails and the wingwall has been extended. Rip-rap has been placed at the southwest area to prevent scouring. Unfortunately, the bridge did not receive a new coat of paint.
Jericho Rehabilitation 09-03-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 09-03-2015
Jericho lower chord replaced 09-03-2015.
Jericho I-Beams painted 09-03-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 09-03-2015 Utica Mills Rehabilitation 08-22-2015
Jericho South end 09-03-2015.
Utica Mills almost completed 08-22-2015.
Roddy Road Rehabilitaton 08-22-2015 Roddy Road Rehabilitation 08-22-2015
Roddy Road new guard rails 08-22-2015.
Roddy Road fire alarm system 08-22-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 8/21/2015. (See more rehabilitation photos below.) I-Beams have been cleaned and primed. None will need replacing. More truss members have been cut and placed on the south end which is close to being completed. All of the work is on the south end of the bridge.
Jericho Rehabilitation 08-21-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 08-21-2015
Beams cleaned and primed 08-21-2015.
South trusses nearly finished 08-21-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 08-12-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 08-12-2015
Arch section ready SE end 08-12-2015.
Will Truax prepares arch 08-12-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 8/6/2015. (See more rehabilitation photos below.) Environmental protection is in place for powerwashing the I-Beams. More truss members have been cut and placed. The first section of the Burr truss has been cut. All of the work is on the south end of the bridge.
Jericho Rehabilitation 08-06-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 08-06-2015
Timbers replaced, south end, 08-06-2015.
Timbers replaced SW section 08-06-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 08-06-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 08-06-2015
I-Beam powerwash preparation, 08-06-2015.
1st Burr truss section cut, 08-06-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 7/21/2015. (See more rehabilitation photos below.) All of the old flooring has been removed. The first few heavy timber members have been replaced on the southwest end of the bridge. A lot more damage had been found on the lower chords than first expected.
Jericho Rehabilitation 07-21-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 07-21-2015
First new timber members, 07-21-2015.
First new timber members 07-21-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 07-21-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 07-21-2015
All of flooring removed, 07-21-2015.
Looking north, 07-21-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 7/6/2015. (See more rehabilitation photos below.) Most of the bridge flooring has been removed uncovering badly damaged I-beams. New timber is ready to be cut for the end posts and removal of the steel plates connecting the vertical and diagonal members are being removed, unfortunately uncovering rotted wood. Rip-rap has been installed at abutments (large stones/rocks/boulders to prevent erosion.)
Jericho Rehabilitation 07-05-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 07-05-2015
Rotted wood at joints, 07-05-2015.
New end post wood, 07-05-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 07-05-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 06-30-2015
Most of flooring removed, 07-05-2015.
Old wood removed, 06-30-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 06-30-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 06-30-2015
Rip-rap installed, 06-30-2015.
Rip-rap installed, 06-30-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 6/23/2015. (See more rehabilitation photos below.) The rolling of Jericho Bridge has been completed. The south end of the bridge now rests 32 feet from the flooring on the north side. The process of determining the timber needed to be replaced has started. The bridge will remain on the wooden cribs while timber is replaced. Work is expected to last about 3 to 4 months.
Jericho Rehabilitation 06-23-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 06-23-2015
Rotted wood removal, 06-23-2015.
Bridge rolling completed 06-23-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 06-23-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 06-19-2015
North end of bridge, 06-23-2015.
15' of rolling remains, 06-19-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 6/15/2015. (See more rehabilitation photos below the Frederick County bridges article.) Jericho Bridge has been removed from over the stream. Only about three more feet are needed to clear the flooring on the north side. Tim Andrews, owner of Barns and Bridges New England along with his son Evan Andrews and Bridgewright Will Truax take extreme precuation to make sure the bridge stays level and square as it is rolled on the wooden cribs and makes a slight turn on to Jericho Road. The rollers used are about 60 pounds each made of Maple wood. As the bridge is rolled the Maple rollers are repositioned. The bridge rolls about 2 inches every 10 to 15 seconds.
Jericho Rehabilitation 06-15-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 06-15-2015
3 feet more to clear flooring, 06-15-2015.
View looking west 06-15-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 06-15-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 06-15-2015
Pulling the bridge on rollers, 06-15-2015.
Keeping the bridge level, 06-15-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 06-12-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 06-12-2015
Bridge pulled about 40 feet, 06-12-2015.
Outer view of bridge supports, 06-12-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 06-12-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 06-12-2015
Repositioning rollers, 06-12-2015.
View of rollers and supports, 06-12-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 6/10/2015. (See more rehabilitation photos below the Frederick County bridges article.) Jericho Bridge has been lifted from its abutments about three and a half feet. It still needs about six more inches lifted before it can be rolled from over the stream and set on Jericho Road on the Harford County side. The bridge has been carefully secured to keep it square. Additional timber is fastened to diagonal truss members and steel beams stretching across the bridge are then placed under the extra timber. Lift jacks placed on top of heavy timber stacked up on the flooring are then used to carefully raise the bridge making sure it remains level in every way. Once the bridge has completely cleared the roadway it will be "rolled" off on to Jericho Road. While the heavy timber members are being inspected and replaced as necessary, the flooring of the bridge will be removed, support beams cleaned and painted and a new flooring installed.
Jericho Rehabilitation 06-10-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 06-10-2015
Lifting the bridge with jacks, 06-10-2015.
Lifting and leveling the bridge 06-10-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 06-10-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 06-10-2015
Bridge is 3.5 feet off abutments, 06-10-2015.
Clearing the abutments, 06-10-2015.
Frederick County Bridges Rehabilitation Project, 5/5/2015. In 2011 the National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Fund awarded $176,400 to Frederick County for the preservation of its three historic covered bridges. The County provided $44,100 funding (20%) to bring the total available spending to $220,000.
Frederick County let bids in October 2014 as one project for all three bridges. Kinsley Construction, Inc., (also rehabilitating Jericho Bridge) won the bid and work has started.
Roddy Road Bridge rehabilitation includes fire retardant interior paint, fire alarm system, 190 linear feet of timber guard rail along the Roddy Creek Road approach, and toe wall for scour protection at the north abutment. (A toe wall is a low wall constructed at the bottom of an embankment to prevent slippage or spreading of soil.)
Utica Mills Bridge rehabilitation includes fire retardant interior paint, fire alarm system, install rip rap for scour protection at the center support pier, clean and paint exterior wood siding, remove shingles and purlins from existing roof and replace with shingles and new purlins, remove and replace any deteriorated rafters.
(Rip rap is loose stone used to armor shoreline structures, bridge abutments and piers against scour or water and ice erosion.) (A purlin is a horizontal beam along the length of the roof, resting on a main rafter and supporting the common rafters or boards.)
Loys Station Bridge rehabilitation includes fire retardant interior paint.
Loys Station Bridge work will start May 12th. Work for Utica Mills has already started. New wood appears on the southeast portal. Rafter replacement has been tagged and some old wood has been removed from the northwest portal.
Utica Mills Rehabilitation 05-05-2015 Utica Mills Rehabilitation 05-05-2015
Utica Mills southeast portal, 05-05-2015.
Utica Mills broken rafters, 05-05-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Update, 5/3/2015. Rehabilitation work started with the closing of Jericho Road on March 31, 2015. The photos below show the progression of the project from the removal of some of the guard rails (bottom right photo), ensuring the environment is not compromised by adding protection to inside rails and roof, to the removal of the roof and most of the siding. The latest photos dated May 3, 2015 show the removal of the Harford County side wingwalls, and all of the siding has been removed.
Jericho Rehabilitation 05-03-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 05-03-2015
Inside bridge, E. truss, S. end, 05-03-2015.
East BC shore looking NW, 05-03-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 05-03-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 05-03-2015
BC east shore, looking west, 05-03-2015.
HC side wingwalls removed, 05-03-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitation 04-13-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 04-13-2015
HC side, east side wingwall, 04-13-2015.
Inside bridge, east side truss, 04-13-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitaton 04-13-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 04-13-2015
West BC shore looking east, 04-13-2015.
HC side, east side truss, 04-13-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitation 04-04-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 04-04-2015
HC side looking at east truss, 04-04-2015.
BC east shore looking west, 04-04-2015.
Jericho Rehabilitation 04-04-2015 Jericho Rehabilitation 04-04-2015
Looking north from BC side, 04-04-2015.
Looking south from HC side, 04-04-2015.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Project Update, 2/17/2015. The long-awaited rehabilitation project for Jericho Bridge will soon start. Bids to do the work ended on September 30, 2014. with three qualifying companies having their bids accepted by Baltimore County. Baltimore County received approval from the State Highway Administration and Federal Highway Administration to award the project to Kinsley Construction, Inc. Kinsley rehabilitated Gilpin's Falls Bridge in Cecil County, MD in 2009-10. Jericho Bridge will be rehabilitated using the same process as Gilpin's Falls Bridge, stripping it to its skeleton to inspect and replace all heavy timbers, which was last estimated to be about 15% of the wood.
Work is expected to begin in March/April 2015 and will take about 9 months to complete. In addition to replacing the heavy timbers, repairs include a new cedar shingle roof, new siding, new floor, installing a security camera that will be monitored by the Baltimore County Information Technology Division, painting, applying fire retardant and anit-graffiti coating, abutment repairs and new guard rails.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Project Update, 9/30/2014. Baltimore County has announced that bidding for the rehabilitation of Jericho Bridge has closed on September 30. According to the Baltimore County website, "Bid results are pending review of qualification status. Baltimore County has 20 days to perform the review. Once the review is complete the bids will be opened." Companies that placed bids are Kinsley Construction Incorporated, Eastern Highway Specialists Incorporated, and Allied Contractors Incorporated. Kinsley Construction was awarded the contract to rehabilitate Gilpin's Falls Bridge in 2009-10.
To see the official release for bid proposals for Jericho Bridge visit Baltimore County, Maryland Invitation for Bids.. For Bidder's Information visit Bid Results.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Project Update, 6/19/2014. Baltimore County has announced an "invitation for bids" to rehabilitate Jericho Bridge. The bid date is officially August 19, 2014 (the bid date was originally July 8, 2014). The proposed work includes painting for timber structure, cleaning and painting existing steel in bridge, replace 6 timber truss vertical members, replace 4 timber truss diagonal end post members, install timber siding, install laminated timber deck and timber curb, replace 5 timber arch members, install 727 linear feet of steel backed timber guardrail and install a new cedar shingle roof.
To see the official release for bid proposals for Jericho Bridge visit Baltimore County, Maryland Invitation for Bids.. For Bidder's Information visit Bid Results.
Loys Station Bridge Damaged, 10/17/2013. An online report from Your4State.com informed readers that Loys Station Bridge in Frederick County was damaged on October 15th between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. by a large truck or possibly a piece of high profile equipment. The vehicle struck a roof support ripping it from the beam. The article also asked anyone with information about this damage to call the Frederick County Sheriff's Office at 301-600-3643.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Project Update, 10/1/2013. Various newspapers ran an article in late September about plans to rehabilitate Jericho Bridge. Highlights of the article include the cost of $2 million for the project funded mostly through the National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program along with $80,000 shared by both Harford and Baltimore counties, bids will go out in the fall, and work should begin early 2014. The project will be modeled after the rebuilding of Gilpin's Falls Bridge in Cecil County in 2010. Siding will be removed followed by an examination of the truss timbers which will be replaced as needed. After that, the bridge will be reassembled and covered in fire-retardant chemicals and anti-graffiti coating.
Jericho Bridge Rehabilitation Project Update, 1/14/2013. The Department of Public Works has informed us that the rehabilitation of Jericho Bridge will take place, at the earliest, this coming summer. They also commented that it may be even later than the summer and at this time a definite date cannot be determined.
Accident closes Roddy Road Bridge in Frederick County, 4/2/2012. The Frederick News-Post reported that Roddy Road Bridge was closed on 4/1/2012 after a car crashed into the bridge. Inspection is being made on the bridge to determine the extent of the damage. The accident occurred when a driver blew a tire and struck an upright beam on the side of the bridge. Siding was pushed out and a center support floor beam was dislodged. County officials do not consider the damage to be serious but are not sure how long the bridge will be closed.
Update on rehabilitation of Jericho Covered Bridge, 12/09/2011. On December 8, 2011 a Project Information Meeting for plans to rehabilitate Jericho Covered Bridge was held at the Kingsville Elementary School. Engineers for the Baltimore County Department of Public Works and Wallace, Montgomery & Associates, LLP presented detailed information to about 20 interested citizens.
The project is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2013 and continue for approximately 6-12 months. The rehabilitation will include replacement of all siding and flooring, a new cedar shake shingle roof, application of fire retardant and anti-graffiti protective coatings, and a surveillance security system.
Engineers reported the trusses of the bridge as well as the wingwalls and abutments are in relatively good shape and will be repaired as necessary. A drawing highlighting specific truss members that will require replacing was presented. Approximately 10 percent of the truss system will be replaced. Upper windows will be installed for lighting and ventilation. Engineers plan to restore the bridge as much as possible to its original appearance. It is likely Jericho Bridge will be painted barn red although a final decision on the color has not yet been made.
We will continue to post updates to this website for any information about the rehabilitation of Jericho Bridge and when work begins we will provide a weekly update with photos.
Jericho Bridge Receives Funding for Rehabilitation, 3/30/2011.An article in the Baltimore Sun reported Jericho Bridge, crossing the Little Gunpowder River connecting Baltimore and Harford counties, has received a $2 million grant to make necessary repairs to the bridge. Most of the money comes from the Federal Highway Administration's National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program. Repairs will include replacement of deteriorating timbers, fixing roof leaks and a fresh coat of fire retardant paint. Work is expected to start in 2012.
A public meeting was conducted by the Baltimore Region of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) at 4 p.m. on March 30th. TIP speakers provided more detailed information of the rehabilitation of the bridge to interested citizens. The amount of money available is actaully $1.7 million and the funding comes from preservation program grants of 2009-10. Repairs include: replace arch timbers, posts, roofing, siding planks, timber deck and wingwalls. Also paint with anti-graffiti, fire retardant, and insect repellant coating system. Additional discussion involved possibly providing a surveilance system and more lighting at each end of the bridge.
Unfortunately, the rehabilitation will not begin until the summer of 2013, not 2012 as stated in the Baltimore Sun article. The bridge is expected to be closed for 6 to 9 months.
Read the detailed on-line article in the Baltimore Sun.
Update, 6/24/2010.Be sure to visit Giplin's Falls Covered Bridge for more rehabilitation photos, ribbon cutting celebration photos and revised information about the history of Gilpin's Falls Bridge.
Update, 4/10/2010.The rehabilitation of Gilpin's Falls Covered Bridge in Bay View, Maryland, Cecil County, is now complete. The reconstruction of this bridge is absolutely beautiful. Everyone associated with the preservation effort and rehabilitation should be highly commended for all of their hard work to bring this historic bridge "back to life."
Gilpin's Falls Rehabilitation 04-09-2010 Gilpin's Falls Rehabilitation 03-27-2010
Gilpin's Falls Bridge, 04-09-2010.
Gilpin's Falls Bridge, 03-27-2010.
Gilpin's Falls Rehabilitation 01-31-2010 Gilpin's Falls Rehabilitation 01-15-2010
Gilpin's Falls Bridge, 01-31-2010.
Side boarding and roof, 01-15-2010.
Gilpin's Falls Rehabilitation 01-01-2010 Gilpin's Falls Rehabilitation 09-19-2009
Flooring installed, 01-01-2010.
Rehabilitation continues, 09-19-2009.
Gilpin's Falls Rehabilitation 09-11-2009 Gilpin's Falls Rehabilitation 06-22-2009
High flood waters, 09-11-2009.
Roof & all boards removed, 06-22-2009.
Gilpin's Falls Rehabilitation 03-12-2009 Gilpin's Falls Rehabilitation 02-08-2009
Side boarding removed, 03-12-2009.
Start of side boarding removal, 02-08-2009.
Gilpin's Falls Before Rehabilitation, 01-19-2009 Gilpin's Falls Before Rehabilitation 06-21-2008
Gilpin's Before Rehabilitation, 01-19-2009.
Giplin's Falls close to collapse, 06-21-2008.

Jericho Bridge, 02/09/2010.(Repairs to Jericho Bridge were completed early February, 2010.) Jericho Covered bridge near Kingsville is currently undergoing rehabilitation. One of its trusses has deterioration caused by either termites or wood beetles. Temporary supports were placed under the bridge while workers removed the rotted truss. A temporary steel truss has been installed where the rotted section of truss was removed.
Jericho Rehabilitation 11-09-2009

Jericho Bridge. 11-09-2009.

Jericho Bridge, 10/22/2009. An arson attempt occurred on Jericho Bridge sometime in August. Fire retardant prevented any major damage to the bridge. At least three arson attempts have been made in recent years including one nearly two years ago when gasoline was poured all over the flooring and another can of gasoline was found nearby.

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September 19-20, 2015: Washington & Greene County, Pennsylvania 45th Annual Covered Bridge Festival.
October 9-18, 2015: Parke County Indiana 59th Annual Covered Bridge Festival.
October 10-11, 2015: Ashtabula County Ohio 32nd Anniversary Covered Bridge Festival.
October 10-11, 2015: Madison County Iowa 46th Covered Bridge Festival.

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